segunda-feira, 4 de julho de 2011

Flower name

She has a pretty beautiful name. Like the flower, doesn’t matter which, at this moment. The point is that’s a simple name, and it’s sound makes me shiver.

Suddenly she comes. Like this, in the middle of the night, just to talk. “Came just to see how’re you going”, she said, and broke me down immediately. And (I think) she just doesn’t know her power over me – Hope to be write. Praying to be wrong.

And then, on an unavoidable way, she did it: look me in the eyes. The world, as his clocks, stopped for a while, and I felt this like a gift of The Lord: “Son, enjoy that, cause although you can’t do it, I know you want it, and it’s all your fault. Take that, and do what you want with this”. Understood.

So I keep sweeping her with my poor and tired eyes, hungry, but doing it softly: I want to be catched, but not as a moster. Share this.

After that, every single word spoke out by her mouth became good music, better than the best ones. Even knowin’ that it could become an uncontrollable feeling, the fact of choose to be inside this game makes me alive, and not just for a male need, but for an adventure search. It works.

I know that’s not the first time it happened. And I know that the flower can’t do it either, but whatever, she’ll be mine. At this world, at this time, and place…or not.

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Érika disse...

Hi my friend.. I never stopped of follow you here, I want you know this. Your texts are very interesting and, sometimes, exciting! See you, take care about you =)